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Rustbelt Road Show – Live Music

Rustbelt Road Show – Live Music at the Shoreshack
The place—the land of Studebaker Automobiles, the Oliver Plow Company, and the St. Joseph Iron Works. A place where people made things and collars were blue. A place named for the most southerly bend of the mighty St. Joe River in north central Indiana.
Out of the ashes of The Great Recession rose a union. A union between two lonely troubadours—Katie and Kyle. With a little help from their friends, a musical outfit formed around a love for southern roots music, country, and any song with a twang.
Whether with a band of scoundrels in tow or doing it up as a duet, Katie and Kyle deliver their songs of love, heartbreak, and breaking a law…or two, with a truth and passion all their own. Armed with some tunes you’ll probably know and a repertoire of original tunes you’re gonna love, Rustbelt Road Show will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love…probably in the same song!


Jul 30 2021


7:30 pm




the Strand Brewery
93415 County Road 690, Dowagiac MI 49047